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Wall Protection Solutions

Choose the moisture protection solution that's right for you

No Gap:

Basic Protection

FlatWrap HP provides a water-resistive barrier (WRB) with superior water holdout compared to many common housewraps in the industry. Flatwrap HP exceeds code minimum requirements for housewrap, but does not provide an additional gap for removal of water from behind the cladding.

Small Gap:

Moderate Protection

HydroGap drainable housewrap provides a "small gap" for drainage performance, reducing potential for mold and rot in the exterior wall. For just a few cents more per square foot over flat housewrap, it incorporates a small gap to drain bulk water out of the system.

Big Gap:

Maximum Protection

The Slicker family of rainscreen options in this section provide the highest level of moisture protection and peace-of-mind. They provide a "big gap" for drainage and drying performance, eliminating potential for mold and rot in the exterior wall.

What's the difference between a rainscreen, drainable and flat housewrap?

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